G.A.M.E. Part 1 - Games Are Meant to Entertain

June 06, 2016

G.A.M.E. Part 1 - Games Are Meant to Entertain

Have you always wondered how the games you play were made? Well, look no further as we are going to demystify game development in an on-going segment called “Games Are Meant to Entertain (G.A.M.E).”

When Meridian4 first opened shop a lot of friends and family believed that we play games all day, every day. Yes, that would be fun, however playing games does not pay the bills. It’s understandable if someone not in the game industry at first thinks all we do is try to beat Mario (again) and win at least one game of DOTA (just one, is that asking too much!), but making a game can be quite complicated, with long hours and a lack of sunshine. Just like in any other business there are multiple relationships, personalities, day-to-day operations and of course, there are emergencies. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, these are just the facts, and after 15 years developing games, not much has changed. There are always rushes to meet a deadline, and like everywhere else, someone always wanted something yesterday.

So in these on-going segment, I’ll share what I’ve seen, learned and the mistakes along the way.

First up! I thought you might enjoy watching what the puzzle platformer Schein looked like in development, and how it has changed since being released.

Thank you to Zeppelin Studios for not only being our guinea pig in this first installment but also for making a challenging, award winning, puzzle platformer.

Can you spots the differences between the video and what Schein is like today?


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jeff Giasson

Founder, Meridian4


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