About Us

"Thank you again for your time, and for being so nice to your customers. You’re amongst the most ethical gaming companies out there!

- Laurent Levy


Who is Meridian4? That is a good question. We’re an indie game publisher, first and foremost. Founded in 2004, we’ve published, marketed and released a collection of games created by independent developers who wanted to reach a wider audience of gamers without the hassle of self-publishing.

But this is just the cusp of who we are. The outer layer, if you will.

We love gaming. That’s why we got into this business – we’re gamers at heart. So believe us when we say, we’re passionate about the games we publish. Every game on our site is selected for its wow factor; there’s something new about it that we think gamers will enjoy (because we did). But our dedication to the game goes further than that. We ensure that the gamers’ experience is top notch, from download to game play. 

When we say we’re an indie game publisher, that could mean so much. What it means for us is that we help developers publish their projects across a range of platforms - digital, PC and mobile - on a global scale. We market these games, telling as many people as we can about these new, indie games and developers. The success of our partners is important.

Our office, based in Montreal, Canada, is home to a team of software experts with over 30 years of combined experience. Every time a developer walks through our door, we put our heads together to create the best possible game. New, innovative games are our specialty, so that gamers everywhere can be entertained and challenged.