Below you will find some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you might have regarding your Steam code.

At any time, we are ready to help. Please email us at support@meridian4.com if you get stuck.

What is a Steam key?

A Steam key is a unique code that you will use to access the full game.

You will need to install Steam by following the instructions below, then you will be able to activate your Steam key in order to play the full copy of the game.

Once you have installed Steam and activated your Steam key, you will be able to transfer your progress from the trial across to Steam, by following the instructions at the end of your trial.

What is Steam and why are you using it?

Steam is a platform by which you can play, connect, create and more. It is a place for all your games to live! You have instant access, a vibrant community, create and share content, entertainment everywhere, and multiple platforms (WIN, MAC, LINUX).

Security is why Meridian4 uses Steam to distribute game codes. Both for you and for us. You know you are getting officially licensed codes, and they are 100% guaranteed to work. You can also take comfort in knowing that you are directly helping the development of new games!

Want to learn more about Steam? Click here.

How do I install Steam?

  1. Ensure that you are logged in as an administrator on the machine which you would like to install Steam on
  2. If you have previously installed Steam and are reinstalling to remedy a problem with your prior installation, please see the Uninstalling Steam topic for instructions to remove any prior Steam installations
  3. Check the Troubleshooting Network Connectivity topic to ensure the required ports for Steam are open on your network
  4. Download and run the Steam Installer from Steampowered.com



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